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What is fast charging, really?

The Rival 650 Wireless mouse boasts 10+ hours of gaming from a 15 minute charge. How is this possible?

The launch of the Rival 650 wireless mouse raised questions about if wireless mice really can keep up with their wired counterparts (short answer: yes). While it offers additional freedom, a wireless mouse requires charging (what a pain, right?). The Rival 650 aims to solve this problem with fast charging.

I wanted to find out how fast charging and smart battery usage improve the wireless mouse experience, so I chased down resident mouse experts Jeff Chang, Richard Hanley, and Jason Christian to ask them a few questions about fast charging the Rival 650 Wireless mouse.

Okay, so how does fast charging the Rival 650 Wireless work?

Every electronic device nowadays contains an integrated circuit, commonly referred to as an "IC" (or just a "microchip"). Over the years, these ICs have become significantly more advanced, and are smaller and more powerful than ever.

We wanted to make sure that charging the Rival 650 would exceed most people’s perception of fast charging electronics. The newest generation of phones charge quickly and efficiently, and we wanted the Rival 650 to perform at that same level. So we chose to use higher-end dedicated ICs that are capable of faster charging speeds.

Most simple USB devices have a fixed current draw, meaning they require a consistent amount of power. If the USB port does not output the required current, the USB device just won’t work. When you plug the Rival 650 into a USB port, the Rival 650’s IC detects the port’s current and draws the highest amount of power supported. This process ensures your mouse is charging as quickly as possible, even when you’re using it.

10+ hours of use from just 15 minutes of charging? Do you mean 10+ hours of literally continuous use?

Correct! 10+ hours of use means 10+ hours of nonstop mouse activity. So, unless you’re going REALLY hard for all 10 hours, that small charge should last even longer. And when charged to a full 100%, expect to see 24+ hours of use.

Does the RGB lighting affect the battery life?

Illumination noticeably increases battery drain on many devices. For example, phones will reduce their screen brightness when in Battery Saver mode to extend the battery life. When designing the Rival 650, we made sure to include several ways to preserve battery life without sacrificing performance.

If you’re like us, you occasionally step away from your desk without turning off your wireless devices. But nobody likes coming back to a dead mouse. That’s why the Rival 650 includes a fully adjustable optional sleep timer. This feature helps conserve battery when the mouse is inactive.

Why do you need an RGB mouse if your hand is covering the RGB most of the time?!?! Enter “Illumination Smart Mode!” When enabled, this feature disables RGB illumination when the mouse is actively in use. When you lift your hand, the RGB toggles back on for your viewing pleasure.

Lastly, if your main concern is maximizing battery life over all else, you can simply switch off RGB illumination completely.

Sweet! But when the time finally comes, can I still use my mouse while it's charging?

Absolutely. At no point should a low or dead battery leave you unable to use your mouse. When charging, the mouse performs exactly the same as it does while wireless.

I hope this has answered some of your questions about the Rival 650 Wireless mouse. Read more about the benefits of cutting the cord and if wireless mice really can keep up with their wired counterparts.